Bi-Fold Doors

bi-fold door imageOpen up a tight space in your home with bi-fold doors from Woodport. One of the reasons bi-fold doors are so sought-after, is because they’re so convenient. Their sliding nature makes for easy use and unique visibility and accessibility. Hide the clutter of a closet, pantry or laundry machines while allowing for easy access to see and access everything inside, no matter what the space.

Wooden panel or louver style with shutter-like wooden slats, bi-fold doors from Woodport can be made to match your home interior. Choose from an array of wood types and a multitude of accessories to make them your own.   

Almost every standard interior door can be produced as a bi-fold. So as you view various door options throughout the site, check individual product details for more information about bi-fold capabilities. If you know which door you would like converted to a bi-fold, simply go to our Woodport Door Configurator and start creating the perfect bi-fold door for your space. As always, feel free to contact a seller near you or contact us with any questions.