Whether it’s your first time ordering and installing a door, or your third time, here are some frequently asked questions you may have throughout the process so you don’t get “hung up” on anything.


Where can I find pricing for Woodport Doors?

Woodport Doors are sold by retailers nationwide. Find a seller near you for pricing.


Where are Woodport Doors made?

Woodport Doors are made in America, in Shawano, Wisconsin, the heart of the Midwest.


Can I work with Woodport Doors directly?

Work with a Woodport Doors distributor near you to begin your order. If there are no distributors near you or you’re looking for a custom door, contact us to get started.


I’d like a new wooden door. Where should I start?

First, you’ll need to take some initial measurements to determine the height, length and width of the door frame. Then, you may need to factor in carpeting if you have it.

We engineer standard wooden doors that are 80 inches tall, which usually allows the door to open and close above carpeting and the padding below it. However, if your carpeting is plush or longer than normal, you may have to trim your interior door to swing above the top of it. Here’s how:

  • Close the door fully and kneel in front of it.
  • Mark the door with a pencil to indicate where the highest points of the carpet hit. 
  • Mark two places and draw a line between them spanning the width of the door.
  • Use a skill saw with a new blade to trim the bottom of the door.

A Woodport Doors distributor will work with you to ensure that final measurements are accurate. 

The next step is to decide which kind of exterior door or interior door you’d like. Our website shows a number of options, or you can use our door configurator to create a wooden door that meets your exact specifications. Once you’ve got something in mind, get in touch with a retailer near you to begin your order. If you’d like a custom door in a unique size or wood, contact us directly.


My door frame isn’t a standard size. Where do I look for a wooden door that fits? 

We realize that not all houses have the “standard” door frame or threshold, so we construct wooden doors with wider edge bands. Wider edge bands allow you to adjust or trim our doors to fit for your home’s doorways, no matter what their size. 

That means doors engineered by Woodport fit a wider range of door frames. If you need a wooden door with measurements that differ from our standard offering, let us know. We are happy to customize a door to fit your home’s measurements.


Should I use a storm door in front of my exterior door?

Storm doors help limit sun exposure and direct contact from rain, wind and snow, all of which can weather a wooden door more quickly. To protect it, and limit the number of times you need to stain and seal it, we recommend installing a storm door in front of your exterior door. 


Where can I find replacement parts for my Woodport door?

If you need replacement parts, visit our Contact Us page to find out how to contact with us directly. 


What kinds of wood species does Woodport Doors use?

Woodport Doors offers 16 different standard wood species (see list below) and more than 40 species total.  If you would like a door made out of a material that you do not see listed here we can craft a custom door from unique wood species. It’s one of our specialties. 

  • African Mahogany
  • Birch
  • Cherry
  • Douglas Fir
  • Hard Maple
  • Hemlock
  • Hickory
  • Knotty Alder
  • Knotty Pine
  • MDF Primed
  • Pine
  • Poplar
  • Red Oak
  • Select Alder
  • Walnut
  • White Oak 

Not sure what these wood types look like? See detailed photos of each of the standard door speicies on the Door Materials menu. 


Can I paint Woodport doors?

Yes, of course. In fact, our construction process is engineered so that primed doors made with special MDF composite allows homeowners to paint them any color they’d like. 


Do I need to do anything to my door once it arrives?

Yes, when your door is delivered, you’ll need to sand, stain and seal it before hanging it. Visit Care and Finishing Tips for interior and exterior doors for more information.


Are your doors LEED certified?

No, Woodport Doors are not LEED certified.


Are Woodport doors CARB-II compliant as far as formaldehyde content?

In addition to our solid wooden door offerings, Woodport Doors offers some products with an MDF or particle board core which contain trace amounts of formaldehyde. However, we construct doors that go through a rigorous engineering process and each meets the California Air Resources Board requirements for formaldehyde content (CARB-II). You can read more about this regulation here.